Debra was sewing and knitting as a kid, thanks to her mother and grandmother.  Since she "attempted" spinning and began writing about Psalm 23, way back in 2007, she's been fascinated with the beauty of sheep and wool.  These days, she's having a blast felting with wool and she has added felting workshops to her studio teaching.  A large percentage of her income from fiber sales goes to feeding the hungry and other needs.

Black Textured Shawl
This funky black shawl pops with texture.
Textured Shawls
Textured shawls come in different colors!
Turquoise Hodgepodge Shawl
This pretty shawl is a turquoise hodgepodge.
This gorgeous blue scarf is comfy around your neck!
Felted Wool Jewelry
Debra makes all kinds of felted wool jewelry!
Wool Beads
These fun beads are made of purple wool.
"Believe" Collage
Believe in Him and your dreams will come true.
These fun funky items make wonderful shapes.
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