Daffodil Vase
These lovely daffodils add a breath of spring to your home!
Green Freeform Vase
This fascinating green vase features lovely white flowers.
Fruit Pitcher
The perfect addition to your kitchen, the fruit on this vase looks good enough to eat.
Fruit Bowl
Apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and plums make this a very fruit-filled bowl.
Poppy Vase
The red poppies on this short vase will complement any decor.
Fish Bowl
All the mysteries of a tropical reef gather in one bowl.
Fish Vase
A little underwater chic livens any room.
Cutwork Cake Plate
This charming cake plate features lovely floral designs.
Fused Glass Vase
Vibrant gold and bright gems chase over this elegant vase.
Small Altered Glass Vase
Bright glass draws the eye on this lovely vase.
Small Freeform White Vase
This small freeform vase will make you smile.
Freeform Bowl
The ruffled edges of this elegant white bowl will look wonderful on your table.
Freeform Group
Debra makes all sorts of freeform work! Each one is unique.
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