About Debra Hibble McInvale

Debra is a Christian artist, teacher and writer.  Her art focuses on original, hand-built and hand-painted porcelain as well as on painting with wool.  However, she is easily side-tracked with weaving, quilting, felting, knitting and jewelry making.  There are never enough hours in a day!

She began china painting as a teenager, learning from her grandmother, LaRose McGuire Hibble. Ms. Hibble studied with  Edward G. Lycett in the 1920s and later painted gold and white monogrammed dinnerware for the Lycett Studio in Atlanta.  In addition to Ms. Hibble, Debra has been blessed to study with many talented porcelain and fiber artists through the years.


Debra's own studio classrooms span almost 40 years of teaching china painting, 6 years of teaching felting workshops, and 13 years of teaching Bible studies for women.  

Currently, Debra is delving deeper into the art of writing through her Bible studies and her in-progress blog "Sharing Hearts".  And when time allows, she plans to get back to her painting (with words) a portrait of Jesus' love for us based on Psalm 23.

Please come visit her in the studio!

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